BATTLE ON MINIMUM WAGE (Comparative World List)

U.K. Labour Party leader’s pledge to raise minimum wage to £8 an hour will hit jobs warn angry businesses.


Ed Miliband was under fire from business leaders to today after kicking off the Labour Party conference with a general election pledge to increase the minimum wage to at least £8 an hour.

The Labour party leader said the current £6.31 level – which is set to rise to £6.50 next month – was leaving ordinary workers out of pocket.

Mr Miliband’s proposed increase, which would be introduced gradually between 2015 and 2020 – would add around £3,000 a year to the pay packets of those earning the minimum wage.

But business groups said if the minimum wage was increased any further it would hit jobs.

Katja Hall of the business organisation the CBI said the minimum wage had already reached ‘the highest rate it can be without putting job creation at risk’.

Ms Hall also raised concerns that Mr Miliband was politicising the wage, which has been in the hands of the independent Low Pay Commission.

John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce added: ‘Businesses are in favour of an evidence based approach to the minimum wage rather than political parties using it to gain support from voters.

John Allan, from the chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said he was ‘increasingly concerned’ that the minimum wage was ‘becoming a political football’.

Labour claims there are around 1.4 million people who would benefit from the pay hike.

The announcement signals the start of a Labour blitz on stagnating living standards under the Coalition, as the party gears up for the general election next year.

Mr Miliband said: ‘One in five of the men and women employed in Britain today do the hours, make their contribution, but find themselves on low pay.

‘But if you work hard, you should be able to bring up your family with dignity.’


Selective Country List

Minimum Wage per hour (in $U.S.)

Afghanistan, 0.57
Albania, 1.17
Algeria, 1.34
Angola, 0.71
Argentina, 5.05
Armenia, 0.65
Australia, 17.39
Azerbaijan, 0.77
Bangladesh, 0.09
Belarus, 1.19
Belgium, 11.69
Bolivia, 0.9
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1.21
Botswana, 0.26
Brazil, 2.11
Bulgaria, 1.34
Canada, 10
Chad, 0.7
Chile, 2.37
China, 1.19
Colombia, 1.65
Democratic Republic of the Congo, 0.2
Republic of the Congo, 0.7
Costa Rica, 1.85
Croatia, 2.98
Cuba, 0.05
Czech Republic, 2.58
Dominican Republic, 0.41
Ecuador, 2.3
El Salvador, 0.48
Equatorial Guinea, 1.67
Estonia, 2.73
France, 12.22
Gabon, 1.7
Georgia, 0.31
Ghana, 0.42
Greece, 5.06
Guatemala, 1.2
Guinea-Bissau, 0.19
Guyana, 0.99
Honduras, 1.13
Hong Kong, 3.87
Hungary, 2.6
India, 0.28
Indonesia, 0.56
Iran, 2.62
Ireland, 11.09
Israel, 5.99
Jamaica, 1.58
Japan, 8.32
Jordan, 1.29
Kazakhstan, 0.77
Kenya, 0.25
South Korea, 4.63
Kuwait, 1.03
Kyrgyzstan, 0.1
Laos, 0.3
Latvia, 2.48
Lebanon, 0.57
Lithuania, 2.25
Luxembourg, 14.24
Madagascar, 0.26
Malawi, 0.16
Malaysia, 1.24
Mali, 0.27
Malta, 5.51
Mauritania, 0.52
Mauritius, 0.45
Mexico, 0.61
Moldova, 0.43
Monaco, 12.83
Mongolia, 0.82
Montenegro, 1.43
Morocco, 0.92
Mozambique, 0.51
Nepal, 0.45
Netherlands, 10.99
New Zealand, 11.59
Nicaragua, 0.52
Niger, 0.34
Nigeria, 0.66
Oman, 4.39
Pakistan, 0.51
Palau, 2.75
Panama, 1.22
Papua New Guinea, 1.1
Paraguay, 1.98
Peru, 1.37
Philippines, 0.73
Poland, 2.97
Portugal, 4.19
Romania, 1.54
Russia, 1.04
San Marino, 11.49
Saudi Arabia, 3.85
Senegal, 0.36
Serbia, 1.31
Seychelles, 1.95
Slovakia, 2.59
Slovenia, 5.84
Spain, 5.57
Tajikistan, 0.3
Tanzania, 0.13
Thailand, 1.21
Tunisia, 0.64
Turkey, 3.23
Turkmenistan, 0.89
Uganda, 0.01
United Kingdom, 10.02
United States, 7.25
Uruguay, 1.87
Uzbekistan, 0.29
Venezuela, 0.34
Vietnam, 0.3
Zambia 0.49



Daily Mail and Wikipedia have contributed in the article


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