Cameron Challenges Emir of Qatar on Cash Flow to ISIS


David Cameron today challenged the Emir of Qatar to stop the flow of cash to ISIS – following bombshell allegations in Parliament that the country is ‘siphoning off’ funds meant for the World Cup to fund Islamic terror.

The Prime Minister held talks with the Qatari leader Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Than amid increasing concerns over the wealthy Arab state’s links to Islamic extremism and the deadly conditions migrant labourers are forced to live in.

Qatar is part of the military coalition against the militants, but elements within the wealthy state have been accused of bankrolling the militants.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron was asked whether he agreed with the US assessment that Qatar was ‘a permissive jurisdiction for terrorist finance’.

Mr Cameron said: ‘I will be talking to the Emir very shortly, and of course we will discuss all these issues, particularly how we can work together to combat extremism.’

He added: ‘It really does matter that we work with all our allies to ensure that extremist and terrorist groups do not get the support that they seem to be.

The exchange came after ministers were called on to investigate reports that British companies were being short-changed on World Cup construction contracts – with funds being siphoned off to Syria for ISIS.

Allegations of corruption during the bidding process for the 2022 tournament have also dogged Qatar and the high death rate on match sites has sparked international condemnation.

The spokesman said the question of whether Qatar should host the World Cup was ‘a matter for Fifa’.


Qatar last night refuted was claims that money for UK firms working on World Cup 2022 venues is being siphoned off to ISIS extremists.

Qatar controversially won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, despite widespread concern that soaring temperatures will make games impossible to play.

Several British construction firms have won contracts to work for big Qatari firms on building venues in the country.

In August Qatar denied supporting ISIS militants, insisting that ‘determined, collective action’ was needed to end sectarian violence in Iraq and Syria.

And officials including Qatar’s director of intelligence told the BBC that the country only supported moderate rebel groups in Syria and ‘had nothing to hide’.

But this week a US government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Washington believes Turkey is partnering with Qatar in providing support to Islamist factions and militias in Libya.



Source: Daily Mail / Oct. 29, 2014


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