MI5 fears Islamic State Ebola ‘bomb’

Britain faces a deadly attack from Islamist terrorists infected with Ebola.


MI5 has warned the government of a real but small risk that terrorists could become deliberately infected with the deadly disease before travelling to the UK.

Infected Jihadis could enter Britain undetected because the disease can take days before symptoms develop.

The disease which causes death by internal haemorrhaging kills 50 percent of victims and hospitals in the UK would struggle to cope with a major outbreak.

One source last night, said: “We have to be prepared for all sorts of attacks. Terrorists who self infect are simply carrying out a suicide attacks in a different way.

“When you are at war against groups who are prepared to kill thousands of people because they are of a different faith nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility.”

The intelligence source said that creating human bio-bombs was frighteningly easy and would require a handful of willing volunteers prepared to suffer a lingering death in the name of Jihad.

He added: “All you need to do is send say 10 volunteers into a country like Sierra Leone – get infected and then travel to the UK or the US or any other western country.

“Even if just one person makes it you have a crisis. When you are dealing with terrorists you have to be prepared for all eventualities. You have to remember this deadly disease is just a 12 hour flight away.”

Captain Al Shimkus, a Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, said that the use of Ebola as a bio-terrorist weapon was possible.

MI5 have also warned the prime minister that a major terrorist attack against Britain in the next few years was “almost inevitable”.
Terrorists have tried to develop the deadly poison Ricin, which kills victims within days of being infected.

It is also believed that terrorists will attempt to attack a major western city with a so-called “dirty bomb”.

Last week it emerged that British scientists have been secretly infecting mice and monkeys with Ebola in an attempt to find a cure for the disease.

Hundreds of animal have been tested and killed at the Ministry of Defence’s research centre Porton Down in Salisbury as scientists try and find a cure.

Source: Daily Star / Nov. 16, 2014


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