Google has passed Apple for the first time in the US education market, according to the latest statistics from the International Data Corp.

Google’s Chromebook laptops have become more popular in the classroom than Apple’s iPad.

In the third quarter of 2014, Google shipped 715,000 Chromebooks to schools versus Apple’s 702,000 iPads.

Experts say the Chromebook has potential to dominate the education market.

The report also indicated Google could be closing in on Microsoft’s Windows platform as a leader in the education space.

One main reason Chromebook has seen such success is that they’re incredibly cheap. Since the laptops are designed to be used primarily with an internet connection, they don’t need high-end internal components like regular laptops.

You can buy a Chromebook for as little as $199. Even an entry-level iPad with an education discount can cost between $300 and $400.
Microsoft is doing its part to give the Chromebook some tough competition, too.

New products such as the HP Stream cost about the same as a Chromebook, but offer the benefit of running the full version of Windows and include a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal.



Source: Business Insider / Dec. 1, 2014


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